5 Important Things to Keep in Mind as a Student seeking Off Campus Accommodation.


Seeking off campus accommodation most times poses to be a herculean task and on one hand you really have no choice since the on campus hostels are filled up while on the other hand, you just might have a choice and for some reasons decide to live off campus. Irrespective of the category you fall into, this blog post is for you because when seeking an apartment off k, there are key factors to keep in mind which will guide you through the search journey.
Follow me while I walk you through each one of them…


Before looking into this, I would suggest you have basic knowledge of the existing apartments and importantly their rents. Get to know the range of rents charged for the different housing typologies – single rooms, self – contained rooms etc. at that your preferred location – in this case, FUTA and its environs. Having prior knowledge of this information is important before setting a budget.

What then is your budget? Budgeting is the process of creating a plan to spend your money. This spending plan is called a budget and regarding our topic of discussion here, it should contain the amount you can’t exceed so long payment of rent is concerned. It is important to note that there are a good number of apartments around FUTA and its environs making a whole bunch of options to choose from. So where do you start from really?

Having a budget gives you a focus, helps streamline your search, helps you know what exactly you should be looking out for and in this case you can easily swipe past options coming your way till you see exactly what you can afford. It is quite essential you put your budget in mind while undergoing your search. This would even help in tailoring down your search options to a much smaller number making it easier to have a pick, for example; having to select from a number of five hostels instead of a total of about fifty hostels which it was tailored down from.. looks good, yeah?

Well this is a very important advantage of working with a budget. You are not just looking anywhere. I bet this is one of the reasons several students find accommodation search so overwhelming, reasons could most times be traced back to the fact that they have failed to streamline this large group of accommodation options into smaller fragments that matter which can be done through this first step of budgeting.

Budgeting helps reduce the large number/group into a much smaller group making it easier to have a pick.
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This here is an equally important factor to be considered just like budgeting because this will help determine if you would be enjoying your new place or.. maybe nahh.
In all my years of helping individuals secure an apartment around the FUTA off campus community, one of the most major concerns of my clients as always been the facilities or amenities they lookout for.

People naturally are so particular about the facilities in their soon-to-be new apartment. But even as vital as it sounds, the facilities required from different individuals vary. For some an apartment having one or maybe two facilities present is quite okay for them but for some others? LOL! It has got to have literally everything. What could be the reason?

Well I would say people grew up differently and in the process of growing got used to different living conditions. Your budget – the amount you are willing to spend on getting an apartment will also go a long way in determining the kind of facilities present in your apartment. Most times places having all or major amenities present therein are more expensive than other apartments even within the same location.

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3. Proximity to School

Regarding this subject, two type of students exist in the off campus community; those who love to live close to school and those who prefer staying far from school. I had a friend and course mate, who throughout is undergraduate years lived in his own apartment as far away from FUTA as Alagbaka.. crazy stuff, right?

But also I have had several clients who wouldn’t mind living in a hostel built exactly at the University’s gate! Needs, preferences differ and it’s very important you realize yours before you begin your accommodation search.
Ask yourself this question: Will I prefer a place close to school or far from school? If close to school, how close? If it’s gonna be far away, then how far?

It’s important to note that as far as off campus student accommodation is concerned, apartments closer to school are usually a bit more expensive than their counterparts in farther locations. It is most times believed that landlords are of the notion that students wouldn’t have a choice other than to pay since it’s commonly believed majority of them would want to stay very close to the school.


It’s no news that the insecurity in the country has been on the high side over the years, so it’s only normal for citizens to be security conscious in every of their endeavors. When seeking for an apartment off K, it’s imperative that you do your findings based on the level of security in that particular location.

Fortunately, most areas around school have vigilantes operating every night. I guess the residents/landlord associations in these areas took it upon themselves to secure lives and properties. Some hostels also have security posts manned by security personnel. In addition, there is also a police station within the FUTA off campus community.

5. Get an Agent

Not everyone is expected to agree on this. But yeah! Get yourself an agent. A good agent can supply you with the very important information stated earlier. An Agent would advise you based on your budget in relation to the available accommodations around.

By getting the services of an agent, you really don’t have to stress walking under the scorching heat of the sun in search of an apartment that fits your budget, has the necessary facilities you need, the level of security and the distance to school you desire among others. All of these would have been sorted out by him/her.. of course we all want to make things easier for ourselves, don’t we?

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Tomiwa Omotoso owns a BTech in Architecture (Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria). He is The Founder/CEO of The Online Agent (and all subsidiaries) also a content developer for The Online Agent.

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